Chris Chornohos AACI, MRICS

Vice President

I have dedicated my career and business life to real estate and have been on every side of the table within the commercial real estate business. Growing up on a farm in Northern Alberta I was exposed to real estate through my family who built and bought single family homes and duplexes using the BRRRR method as a side hustle 35 years before both terms were coined. I knew from an early age that real estate is all I ever wanted to do and do it in a different way. I bought my first house when I was 17 and a fourplex when I was 20 years old while in university. I was jokingly known as the slumlord by my university buddies some of which were also my tenants.

After getting my business degree and taking time off to travel I immersed myself into commercial real estate, I completed the courses to be designated as a commercial real estate appraiser (AACI) and got my first job within the industry for a large multinational commercial real estate services firm. That was a massive learning curve, access to some of the top players and the foundation for the rest of my career. I then went on to specialize in investment and land sales and later run business development for a large general contractor. Somewhere between all that I built our family house on a four acre parcel overlooking the Rocky Mountains where my wife Jen, son Alek, daughter Alenna and 3 horses, 1 dog and 3 cats reside.

Coming back to valuation in 2019 with Newmark was a natural fit as I get to work with my first mentor in this business and help grow the valuation business in Calgary, Alberta and across Canada. Through my valuation and advisory practice I help real estate owners and investors secure equity and debt financing, solve real estate problems and close deals to grow their portfolios. I focus on multifamily, self storage, and land. I have a passion for working with commercial real investors and owners to help them realize their financial and real estate goals.

My grandfather came to Canada from the Ukraine on the promise of Canada and a better life for him and his family. They realized that promise through the land and the opportunities it provided. I believe real estate is the path to financial freedom and what I call living a sovereign life. That is why I am also an investor and developer. I believe there is a fundamental shift in commercial real estate space, a confluence of forces is creating a massive opportunity within the multifamily asset class. I believe that Alberta and Canada is one of the best places in the world to own and develop real estate.  That is why I continue to develop real estate on a larger scale and grow a real estate portfolio alongside my investors and help them live a sovereign life.

It’s both my mission  & passion to help real estate investors and owners close more deals with valuation and advisory services.

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